The Dating Files: Profile Pics

Image from Life Google Archive

So, last week we covered that I'm knee deep in the online dating world. And I loved all your comments and feedback. And don't think I am not listening. Since then I have signed up for How About We? (thanks, Laura!) and I am seriously (ish) contemplating joining eharmony in the next few months. And with online dating comes the nightmare-insecurity-vanity fest of selecting profile pictures. This is such a weird process. And it really plays on whatever your insecurities might be. Take for example me, my big fear is that I would show up to a blind date and he would say "ew. gross." and leave. Is it irrational? Absolutely. But I can't help that I'm a tiny bit crazy! So, no matter which pile of insecurities a person is dealing with, you still have to select pictures and post them for the internet dating world to see. Because, I hate it when people don't have pictures and I assume it means either a) you are a deformed troll or b) you are terrified and have no plans of actually ever meeting someone out in the real world. And either of those is not good.

So how did I pick my pictures? Well, I sort of used common sense and asked myself "do I look sorta hot/pretty/cute ish?" And if the answer was yes then I put it in the possibilities pile. And once I had a bunch of possibilities I tried to pick a nice well rounded group that represented me well. Variety is key in my opinion, the more pictures there are the more you can start to tell what someone looks like. Mix in some full body shots along with your close ups. Add some interesting angles, not just straight on or the customary from-above-iPhone slef portrait. I chose all smiling pics, because I feel like that accurately represents me. I'm generally a pretty happy and sunny person. If I were more serious/introspective perhaps I would use some "deep thoughts" style pictures. But that just ain't me.

So, because I like to make a total ass of myself for your entertainment. I'm going to share with you the entire gamut of my current profile picture collection. And because I can't take myself all that seriously I'll also be including what I think the picture might convey about me to potential mates.

This will be fun.

--- Alright, we've sufficiently covered the fact that I am a total jackass. But what do you think? What do you think of my selections? Have a represented myself well? Let's hear it, be brutally honest! And now let's switch topics. Do you want to know what the 10 most beautiful words in the English language are, to this lady at least? My mom and sis are coming in town this weekend! That's right, fantastically good times await. See you on the flippity. xo

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