The Dating Files: Having a "Type"

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Question: do you have "a type?" You know, a certain type of guy that you always fall for? When I was younger I liked big, southern, beer drinking dudes. Gents who probably played football (or were at least built for it) and were probably in fraternities. This sort of fell by the wayside in my late 20's because I moved to New York and you don't come across too many of those types up here. I sort of shifted my type to fit the NYC demographic better. They were still big and bearded but they wore glasses and were sensitive (aka damaged). And, as many of you know, that certainly didn't work out either.

So now, as I face the many, many possible dates that exist out there in the dating world, I am trying (very hard) to be open to gents who aren't my "type." I'll always be a sucker for men who are tall with broad shoulders (I like feeling like a tiny lady. So sue me.) And I'll always adore a man who can make me laugh. That's one of the things that can make your girl here weak in the knees. There are more qualities I'm attracted to, of course. Smart, witty, sweet, sharp, liberal, food appreciator, etc. But, for right now, I'm trying to keeping an open mind. I'll just see what (or who, rather) the universe delivers to me. And then I will take it from there.

So far I've been on dates with tall guys (they are my favorites, after all) and not so tall guys. Thin guys and big guys, and some in betweens. I've been out with comedians. And Jeopardy winners. And vegetarians. And guys with beards. And bike riders. And even a republican (gulp!)...

The point is, maybe the love of my life won't be "my type." And that's why keeping an open mind is so incredibly important. Because you never know who you're going to fall in love with, right? That being said, I have TWO dates this weekend with gents who are both big and bearded. Old habits die hard, huh?

p.s. What is your type? Try to narrow it down to three words and leave it in the comment section. Here's mine in a nutshell: big, beard-y, funny. Your turn!

p.p.s. Happy Weekend. xo

p.p.p.s. I don't kid around when it comes to my type - check out these: bearded men and tall/funny men that I love.