Introducing: The Dating Files

If you've been reading this blog since the beginning you have been through two breakups with me. (Ay yi yi. Can't this girl catch a break?!) And some of you have sweetly inquired in tweets and emails and various other forms of communication about the status of my love life. So, in an effort to get a teensy weensy bit more personal here (but not too personal) I'm going to start sharing a few of my dating adventures/thoughts and feelings here with you. Because we are cool like that.

So to catch you up. I've been single for a few months now and I am in the throes of online dating. Now, this is not my first foray in to this crazy world.  The two aforementioned (and failed) relationships came from meeting online so I am no stranger to it. Some people have a staunch no online dating policy, but I find it to be an easy way to meet available men and go on dates. And isn't that sort of the point of being single?

I'm not against meeting someone out in the real world (at a bar or the grocery store or wherever people meet these days) but I don't like the idea of sitting around waiting for that to happen. So, for me, online dating is a nice way to find lots (and lots) of single men. I've been on plenty of dates. Some have been really great, some good and some have just been meh. But I guess I've been lucky (knock on wood) because there haven't been any freaks thus far. Every gent I've met has been nice and some have even been cute and funny and smart and interesting.

I'm not gonna lie it's tiring. Dating can be like a full-time job and sometimes you go on lots of dates in order to find the gems. But, and I know I'm in the minority here, I kind of like it. I like putting on a pretty dress and lipstick. I like conversation over cocktails. I like laughing and flirting. I like all of it. Now, I don't want to do it forever. But, if this is the work I have to put in to find a nice boy to fall in love with, I'm more than willing.

So will you join me as I search for a nice boy in New York City? Welcome to The Dating Files my friends.

So here's my inaugural Dating Files post, a quick cheat sheet style breakdown of the various online dating sites out there. **Please refer to this at your own risk as it is based on nothing more than my own somewhat limited experiences coupled with my blind speculations and judgemental presumptions. But have any of you tried online dating? Did you have any festive, fun experiences? Any nightmarish dates? I want details. NOW. And lastly, be sure and have a happy weekend wouldja? xo