Living near History

I've mentioned that my aunt is a brilliant and dedicated archivist of any and all family memories. This includes paperwork, keepsakes, photos, even recipes. She scans everything and sends it to us on discs. For someone who has a love affair with all things vintagey and papery this is like hitting the lottery. One thing that has always stood out to me is this telegram. Dorothy was my grandmother (though we called her Dottie) and "baby girl" is the aunt I mentioned. I geek out over the old type designs and the creases and the aging that comes with the territory. There's something nice about having an actual piece of paper to mark these big life occasions. Now it would just be a text or worse, a facebook update. (I just threw up).

One thing of note: the telegram was sent to 128 West 13th Street. Well, that's right in my neighborhood. A five minute stroll over and I was right in front. Kind of perfect.