inspiration folder: felicity

For no particular reason other than I got home from work early, I decided to watch the Felicity pilot last night. (it's on netflix streaming) And I was reminded of my deep, all-encompassing love for that show. Keri Russel will always be one of my girl crushes, she is so darn pretty. Remember that haircut?! And the whole Noel/Ben debacle? Sheesh, that was a difficult decision. I mean Ben is so insanely good looking that it hurts your eyes but Noel had this endearing geeky-awkward quality that I'm rather fond of. I understood why Felicity had such a hard time choosing. So, I was thinking of getting rid of netflix but now I have a new short term life goal: re-watch the entire series, laugh, cry and feel old (this show premiered in 1998 - that's 13 years ago). So, did you love this show as much as I? And more importantly where did you fell on the Noel or Ben debate?

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