flying colors

Three cheers for Friday. I had nice week off. I, of course, didn't get enough done but yesterday I was a little hungover/bummed about the Braves losing so I lazily got lost in Felicity reruns on Netflix while laying on the couch. Next week I'll start looking for work again so, depending on what's happening out there, I may squeeze another week of time off out. I just sort of have to wait and see what comes my way. The life of a freelancer! So what do you have on the docket for the weekend? I'm about to head to Ikea with the man to get him a new desk and some other home-y things. He just finished a huge work project so we're headed out for a celebratory dinner tonight at this lovely place in my neighborhood. Oh, and I think fall is coming this weekend! Exciting. And scary. You know what comes after fall, right?

p.s. don't you LOVE my new magenta skirt (pictured below)? p.p.s. have a fantastic weekend. p.p.p.s. xo