Cheese and grass

Ain't it the truth? On Saturday afternoon my man and I enjoyed a nice, lazy picnic in Prospect Park. We picked up some delicious provisions from this amazing store and feasted under a shady tree. We brought a bottle of rose and hid it in a tote bag like teenagers. We also played a fairly heated game of Monopoly on the iPad (I lost). It was a pretty perfect way to spend an afternoon. Except for when the giant scary ant/praying mantis fell into the full cup of wine I had just poured for myself and I had to fish it out with my fingers and pretend like it had never happened. Come on guys, you know I'm not the type to let good wine go to waste. And as my sweet gentleman companion pointed out, the alcohol kills all the germs anyways. All in all it was a lovely afternoon and a nice, quiet weekend. How about you? What did y'all get into?