Hue Duos: Watermelon

Alright. It's Monday. I worked all weekend. And we're nearing the end of August. We need something bright and cherry this morn. Enter watermelon. I'm pretty smitten with watermelon, I'd say it's on my top 5 list of things to eat. And lately I have been craving it something fierce. Inspired by this outfit, and this guest post I did over at You Are My Fave I decided to put together a Hue Duos post based on my (probably) favorite fruit in the whole wide world. (I say probably because what about cherries?! I can't forget them).

clockwise from top left: pink sneaks | green sneaks ... pink bracelet | green bracelets ... green belt | pink belt ... green ring | pink ring ... green frock | pink frock ... pink eyeshadow | green eyeshadow