happy hour no. 4

The weekend weather forecast seems to be a lot of rain AND I have to work all weekend so this Friday isn't exactly awesome. But that's okay, friends. One thing about freelance is it makes you hate working on the weekend so much less. At least I'll be getting paid for my weekend sacrifice. Of course I'm still bummed. Here's some things I'd rather be doing this weekend: -get a mani/pedi -sleep late and eat brunch here -take a long walk with that new boy (preferably while holding hands) -go shopping in soho (I miss you, anthropologie and jcrew! It has been too long) -hit up the greenmarket

And who knows, maybe some of these things will still happen. The good news is there is always time for happy hour in this gal's life. What do you have on tap? Whatever it is I hope it's fabulous. See you on the other side. xo

boozy mint lemonade slush from eat make read | zucchini toasts from Sprouted Kitchen (she's a crush of mine!)