Blogger Crush: Karey from Mackin Ink

It's been too long. I have neglected the blogger crush series and for that I am sorry. I have no real excuse other than it's summer and I've been feeling so lounge-y and care free and I just haven't even been organized enough to pull one of these together. So please accept my apology, friends. Lucky for you (and me) the blogger crush I'm featuring today more than makes up for my slackerish nature as of late. Enter Karey of mackin ink. She is quite crush-worthy. I met her at Alt Summit and was instantly drawn to her joyful spirit, her warm presence and her hilarious jokes. She's the kind of person you want to share a bottle (or three) of wine with. And her blog is magnificent. This one can write, y'all. For real. I'm so giddy to have her here today. And be sure to go visit her over at mackin ink. Thanks for coming over, Karey! And you have to promise to share some wine with me in Salt Lake City this January. p.s. please see below for Karey's links

 Neil Gaiman quote Karey's blogger crushes: Fern and Feather & Supreme Courtney Potential songs to play during the opening credits of her biopic: Let it be Me {Live} or You are the Best Thing And here's who would play her in said movie: Bunny Victorious