When I Grow Up. Part Two.

I'm in between freelance gigs at the moment (freetime!) and anytime I'm not working my mind of course wanders to the whole "what I want to be when I grow up" concept. You already know I want to open an inn in the south. But there's more, friends! Oh my goodness there's so much more and I've got a brand new one for you today. So, without further ado. When I grow up...

I want to conceptualize, design, open and run a high end, gourmet food shop modeled after a classic general store. How completely awesome does that sound?! Picture a beautiful general store with lots of wood and white tile and pressed tin ceilings. I would make sure the interior was perfect. I'd scour flea markets and antique shops to find lots of perfect vintage pieces which would mix nicely with an overall simple farmhouse vibe. I'd have floor to ceiling shelves installed that would line the walls with tons of knooks and cubbies and one of those awesome rolling ladders for getting those hard to reach items. There would be tons of glass jars and galvanized buckets filled with assorted items. Everywhere you looked there would be more delicious treats to purchase.

Stocking the store would probably be the most fun of all! My policy would be to only purchase from small/local companies who take pride in their craft and who truly love the foods that they make. I would stock all of the normal things a food shop would have but you could trust that each and every item would be the best of it's kind. It would be the perfect place to shop for presents because you could hand select the things to make a killer gift basket. It would be the kind of place that you liked to go to. A friendly vibe with knowledgeable staff and lovely canvas tote bags in which to carry your delectable purchases home.

Doesn't it sound just heavenly?!


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