Simple Happiness: Fresh Sake Hair Cream

I'm a product person. I admit it. I spend way too much money on makeup and cosmetics, but what can I say? I love the stuff and the true mark of a great product is something that makes your life easier. Enter Sake Hair Cream from Fresh. My friend Tori (a self-proclaimed makeup/product enthusiast who makes me look bush league) swears by this stuff and she's pretty much always right about which products are worth your money. Summer is around the corner, and it's just too damn hot to use a blow dryer during the summer here. (Remember, we don't have central air!) Sake Hair Cream is perfect for this situation. It's just so durn easy! When I get out of the shower a towel dry my hair a little and then scrunch some of this miracle cream through it. Then I forget about it and most importantly I don't brush it or blowdry it. The cream somehow works with what your hair naturally does and just amplifies it. So, for me it helps define my suuuuuuper subtle waves and plays them up a little creating an almost beachy, messy look. So, simplifies my life and makes me hair look purty?! Yep, that's definitely simple happiness.