For the Soul

I had a really intense craving for chicken noodle soup. And it was the kind of craving where I knew I had to just succumb to it, buy all the ingredients and make a huge batch of warm and wholesome chicken noodle soup. There was not other way to deal. So that's exactly what I did. And it was everything I hoped an dreamed it would be.  What is it about chicken noodle soup (and it has to be of the homemade variety!) that is so soul satisfying. It leaves you full and happy and warm and cozy. Oh yes. You just have to make this soup! Spot? Most definitely hit.

I used this recipe. I did make a few changes though. For starters, it didn't have nearly enough veggies for me. So I switched it up a little. I sauteed the carrots first and added onion, celery and garlic too. Once they were all looking good and soft I added the broth and followed the recipe as it was written. I also used curly parsley which I normally don't love but it actually worked pretty well in this soup. I also tossed some frozen peas in towards the end. And because it's me and I like things quite flavorful, I added a ton of salt and fresh ground pepper.