I love pizza. I mean that's not really all the unique since most people love pizza (and if you don't I recommend taking a good, long look in the mirror because obviously there is something wrong with you!) Pizza used to be a very regular part of my life. But I eat a lot healthier these days and that translates to not as much pizza. Sadness! No, it's okay. I still have the occasional slice but my new healthy-ish ways just mean that I make sure it's really, really good pizza that I'm having. I'll gladly trade the calories for a cheesy melty slice (or 3) of pizza-y perfection, it just has to be worth it. And well, I'm craving some pizza today.

{pizza with broccoli rabe and roasted onions via smittenkitchen}

spring green pizza via whipped

So maybe I will indulge in some pizza or something else covered in melted cheese this weekend, friends? Can you handle the excitement? I hope you indulge in something delicious this weekend, my dears. I'll see you on the other side. XO