Shootin' Food

Do y'all know House of Brinson? I'm sure most of you do. But if you don't, run (don't walk) to their beautiful blog right now. The House of Brinson is creative duo and married couple Susan and William Brinson. I first learned of their existence at Alt Summit. They were mentioned as an up and coming blog to watch and once I laid eyes on their stunning blog and photography I was immediately a fan. So when I saw they were hosting a photography workshop in the city, I jumped at the chance to get schooled. Now I'm no photographer, and this isn't a food blog per se. But I do share recipes here and I've always known that my food photography skills were lacking so it seemed like a perfect fit for me. Plus you know I love dipping my toe in various creative endeavors. What an awesome experience. First of all, getting to see the Brinson's apartment (which is perfectly styled and stuffed to the gills with antiques and secondhand awesomeness) was almost enough for me. Let's just say their aesthetic speaks to this lady. First we watched William and Susan set up, style and shoot some apple cider donuts (which we also got to sample - delish). Then we feasted on a savory tart lunch Susan had whipped up which was also quite tasty. We then selected our own food subjects to style and shoot. And with help from the brilliant Brinsons even I was able to snap some pretty food pics. Check 'em out below! Not too shabby, eh? And a big thanks and a huge hug to the Brinsons who are equal parts talented, sweet and cool. A powerhouse combo, no? I am left wondering if they can adopt me.