Do you want pie with your coffee?

I have pie on the brain this morning. I'm not sure why. I've given up trying to understand my random cravings! Maybe it's because I can't recall the last piece of pie that I had. Seriously, I don't even think I had pie at Thanksgiving. Which is tragic because a slice of pie sounds delicious. Yes, massive, massive quantities. Now. Let's get serious. What kind shall I have?!

A slice of sweet potato buttermilk pie might be perfect.

Totally not in season, but Blueberry Blackberry Pie sounds pretty divine.

All good southerners know Pecan Pie always gets the job done.

My tastebuds happen to like molasses so Shoofly Pie has always appealed to me.

Maybe this delicious Chocolate Pie is calling my name.

And you can't talk about pie without mentioning Apple. Obvie. This one looks tasty.