Blogger Crush: Sana from So Does Estella

Hooray for more new Alt Summit friends! When I first met Sana I noticed her smokin' outfit before I even talked to her because it was perfect. I can't remember exactly what it was but I do remember the whole effect was super stylish but not over the top and annoyingly put together. It oozed coolness and had a very effortless feel. Which in a city full of people who are trying so darn hard, always appeals to this gal. And then once I talked to her I learned she is incredibly sweet and fun! And she lives in NYC! Bonus! Oh my goodness, it's like we're blogger soul mates or something. Okay, maybe that's a bit much but I just really like the girl. And her new blog So Does Estella (expertly designed by another blogger crush o' mine Kathleen) is a perfect window into the style and coolness that is Sana's NYC life. Check it out and enjoy, friends. And thanks for stopping by to say hello Sana!