There are so many (too many!) precious lil' shops in this ridiculous city of mine. It can be overwhelming at times. It seems like there's another treasure trove around every corner, but then again, that's the beauty of this place. And one of my all time favorite NYC activities is wandering around all day and popping into shops that look interesting. There's really nothing better. And it's high time I start sharing some of them with you, right here. So that's exactly what I'm going to do. Meet glassybaby.

Just blocks from my house, this cozy shop is located at 555 Hudson. Which (as the lovely Ed who was working at the time when I visited told me) is the former home of Jan Jacobs who was somewhat of a New York legend (Ed taught me a lot). She was an urban preservationist who was instrumental in stopping the Lower Manhattan Expressway (gasp!). So yeah, pretty cool location. The space itself is gorgeous! It's got beautiful, creaky wood floors and white walls. Which is a pretty perfect backdrop for displaying glassybaby which are the most gorgeous hand made glass vessels. They're perfect for votive candles and they come in every color imaginable. The company was started by 4 time cancer survivor, Lee Rhodes who was inspired by the warmth and hope that these glass masterpieces gave off. She learned how to blow glass and started making her own glassbaby to give to cancer patients as a sign of hope. Soon after that, the company was born. It started in Seattle and the New York City store opened about a year ago. And 10% of the proceeds go to cancer and AIDS charities.

I popped in on the way back from the greenmarket and ended up staying awhile. I tried votives in all the colors that I liked and kept clustering different colors together to see which ones I liked. For this color obsessed art director it was a pretty awesome way to spend an hour. I ended up going with "life guard" a bright and poppy orange-y red. But I'm definitely going to treat myself to a few more. These are perfect gifts! Who wouldn't love something beautiful that has obviously been crafted with care and love? Plus the fact that it's a company with such a great heart just adds to the appeal.

I am a big fan.

The entire store is organized by color. Swoon!

I could barely handle all this lovely yellow goodness.

And after playing around with all the different colors I decided these four looked pretty spectacular together. Don't you agree? I hope so because that's basically the color scheme of my apartment. So now you kind of just have to say you like it even if you don't. Come on. It's the nice thing to do.

Um. Is this heaven? No, it's from the super awesome glassybaby online store. Go visit. Now.

Promise me if you're in NYC or if you're ever visiting, you HAVE to stop by this heavenly place.