brussels sprouts are magical things

On the heels of the eating fest that was Alt, I'm getting back to a semi-boring, semi-healthy diet. Lentils blah blah blah quinoa blah blah blah and vegetables blah blah blah. You get the idea. And at the top of my own personal veggie faves is the wonderful brussels sprout. Why are they so good? And why do they get such a bad rep? I could eat these lil' bits of deliciousness every night for dinner. I'm partial to simply roasting them with olive oil, salt and pepper. But there are so many scrumptious recipes which will showcase the mighty brussels sprout in all it's glory. Perhaps I should branch out and try one of these masterpieces? A quick side note: as I was putting this post together I learned a little something. I never knew it was brussels sprouts and have been spelling it and saying it brussel sprouts for my entire stupid life. Embarrassing. Don't judge me. Who am I kidding? Judge away.