'Tis the season-ish

Confession. I am not all that into Christmas this year. If you know me at all, this may come as a shock to you. But it's the truth. I haven't listened to any Christmas music nor have I started thinking about gifts or shopping. I think I need some serious help, friends. Here's my two point game plan to try and get in the holiday spirit: 1) Buy or craft* some sort of wreath to put on my front door. 2) Bake something festive for the super and all of the doormen and porters in my building to give them along with their holiday tips. 3) Watch Love Actually. Cry.

Sound good?

So first up is the Great Wreath Project:

Here's some nice crafty inspiration!


(clockwise from top left: Martha Stewart, Pickles vis The SoHo, Martha Stewart, Martha Stewart)

*p.s.The Great Wreath Project was short lived. I don't think I'll be crafting one this year. Work got insanely busy and I have weekend visitors. I think I'll buy one from the guy on the street around the corner from my building. Yes, I'm taking the easy way out, maybe next year...

And with that I bid you a Happy Weekend, dears. But before I go do you have any tips for a Scrooge like me? How do you get in the holiday spirit?