Simple Happiness: Roasted Veggies

What is about the oven that magically transforms plain ol' vegetables into delicious taste sensations? This lady is a big fan of roasted veggies, in fact I often have them for dinner. Start with any veggie, add some olive oil, salt and pepper (and maybe ever some cheese if you're felling saucy) and you have a bowl of deliciousness. It's one of the easiest and also tastiest dinners around. Now, what's simpler and happier than that?

And now I bid you a happy weekend, my dears. I see a lot of working on my horizon, unfortunately. But I am hopeful for a few hours off to do some  baking and holiday shopping. It may not be in the cards so I'm cautiously optimistic. And if I can just get through the next couple days I'll be home free. And that'll feel really good. Things have already improved greatly due to all the positive vibes and cosmic goodness y'all sent me yesterday. Thank you for that, it was much appreciated. I will see you on the other side, pals.