Getting hungry...

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. And I'm getting pretty excited. My mom gets in tonight and we're heading over to eat at my friends' house in Park Slope. For the last two years I've done most of the cooking so it will be nice to get a wee break. I'm still preparing some treats though, can't show up empty handed now can I? I'll be making a version of Martha's mac and cheese via smitten kitchen. Holymeltycheesygoodness.

I'm going to make this brussel sprout salad which I made last weekend for the baby shower I hosted. It was a huge hit. I'm going to make a few tweaks; I think blue cheese would be better and the dressing needing more flavor.

And I'm going to bring a non-pumpkin dessert of some type. Maybe lace cookies? They were a staple at Thanksgiving at our house growing up and it's way too easy to eat about 11 of them in four seconds.

{pic via}

Or maybe I'll try a cranberry upside down cake. I'm an absolute NUT for pineapple upside down cake so I'm sure I'd be a fan of this varietal.

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So, what about y'all? What are you making tomorrow? The whole shebang? Or just one of two things? And are you also salivating just thinking about it?