A Man Who Can Cook

I'm single, I'm dating, I'm having fun. And of course that means I'm all about crushes these days. And I am a serious sucker for a man who can cook. I love to cook and I am pretty decent at it too, but there's something about a man in the kitchen... I'm a major fan. Here's some celebrity men who can cook that I find pretty darn attractive. And here's to hoping I find a real live one so we can hang out in the kitchen and cook together. Even better, maybe every once and awhile he'll make me something delicious while I put my feet up and drink a glass of wine. Yeah, that'd be pretty cool.

1. Tyler Florence | 2. Bobby Flay | 3. Trey Wilcox of Top Chef Season 3 | 4. Sam Talbot of Top Chef Season 2 | 5. Jamie Oliver | 6. Tom Colicchio