Blogger Crush: Erin from Fresh365

I'm pretty much almost a vegetarian. I definitely don't eat meat too often. But I'll never fulyl cross over because I'm a lady who needs a burger/steak/bacon/bbq/italian sub every once and awhile. And when I do crave the meatier items I get my fix and happily return to my quasi-vegetarian (pescetarian?) lifestyle. Because there really is SO MUCH potential in a vegetarian diet. Enter today's blogger crush: the lovely Erin who is the culinary powerhouse behind Fresh365, an absolutely beautiful vegetarian recipe website. She inspires me with her delicious creations and her photography is gorgeous. Even if you're not a vegetarian, check out this site, I promise you'll be salivating within minutes. I am dying to make this. And also this. Maybe Erin will just come to the city and be my personal chef? What do you say, Erin? Okay, don't feel like you have to answer now. Think about it. And in the meantime, come back to visit anytime!