When all else fails, make something delicious

I'm not going to lie, friends, my life is super weird right now. After being away for most of the summer, I came back a week and a half ago and have been staying with my friend Lesley. I'm a bridesmaid in the wedding of one of my oldest friends this weekend and my mom is coming up from Atlanta tomorrow to go to the wedding. Although Lesley would have happily hosted my mom as well as me, I arranged to have the apartment (that I shared with my ex up until about 6 weeks ago) for the weekend. It's really hard to be back here in the home that we shared. But as always, I am trying to stay positive and to take good care of myself. And yesterday, taking care of myself meant an afternoon pedicure and making my favorite summer meal on the grill: a chicken kebab, corn on the cob and tomato slices. And of course, a delicious michelada. So, things aren't ALL terrible.