Blogger Crush: Natalie of The SoHo

Hello, friends. It has been a nice, long while since I've give you a blogger crush. I definitely owe you a few more and not to worry, they are on the way. Today I bring you dear Natalie of the delightfully charming blog The SoHo. Her blog, "slices of life from the southern hostess," is filled to the brim with beauty and goodness. It comes in the form of recipes and delicious foods, beautiful design and photography and many other lovely bits of inspiration sure to make you smile. I've often thought that Natalie and I are kindred spirits of sorts and her blogger crush answers below only made me more of a believer. The quote she gave for "what quotation best reflects you and what you're all about?" is my all time favorite answer ever and it made me love her even more. I'm totally stealing it and making it my mantra. And until we can meet and laugh over a cup of coffee and a piece of pie, I will continue to be an interwebs-admirerer and a virtual pal. Thanks for stopping by, Natalie!