Blogger Crush: Emily of Cupcakes and Cashmere

Hello, dearies. Get excited because I have an awesome blogger crush stopping by today. I'm sure most of you know the lovely Emily of cupcakes and cashmere. I am over the moon to have her. Fact: she happens to have more style in her pinky finger than I have in my whole (giant sized) body. She shares many of her perfectly put together outfits on her blog through series of beautiful portraits her boyfriend takes. It's that kind of effortless style that you almost hate because it looks completely pulled together but somehow manages to never cross the line over into trying to hard territory. Oh, did I mention she's gorgeous? To boot, she also cooks lots of delicious treats (like these) and has a keen eye for style and design of all sorts. And on top of it all she just designed a Coach bag (say whaaaaaat, coolest thing ever)! Her blog is all kinds of inspiration-y goodness and she is a 100% sweetie pie. Hugs to you, dear Emily!