Friday Happiness

Friends. What a crazy week. So my last day at my old job was a week ago today and I have freelanced every day since. No rest for the weary! But no complaints of course, I am thankful for the work. It's been late nights though so not a lot of time devoted to things around here. I am hoping to get a little respite this weekend as my dad and step mom are visiting from Atlanta. The weather is supposed to be crazy warm (89?!) so I'm hoping to get to spend some time walking around with them. Oh, and I also signed up for a sewing class here. So we've got the makings of a pretty fabulous weekend. Until then, here's some Friday linklove to get you to the weekend. XO

I love Liam!

Time to get ready for all those summertime weddings

Mark Bittman rules!

I desperately need a cast iron skillet

Let's make milk glass!

lots of feminine prettiness

food porn

The magic of editing! Have I mentioned what a Seinfeld nut I am?! {via The Daily What}