Happy Friday


Friends, the Upper West Side blogger meet up I organized with Jamie was this Monday night. What an interesting, cool, creative group of people! I went with my pal Katie (who I already know from our blind date) and made lots of new Upper West Side friends. It was such fun to finally put faces with names and to chat with such a fun mix of neighbors (including but certainly not limited to, Abby of Abby Goes Design Scouting and Torrey and Lauren of My Upper West. Jamie took some pictures (because she's awesome like that) so I thought I would share them with you. It was a bit of a dilemma for me because while I strongly dislike what my face looks like, I happen to strongly like the new scarf I procured at Target while in LA last week. Ultimately, the cuteness of the scarf won out over the awkwardness of my face.

So, what is on tap for the weekend, my friend?. I want to get my bike tuned up and mail my taxes off and take a walk in the park and have some cocktails on the patio and work on craft projects and cuddle with my sweetie. Sounds like a plan. I hope you enjoy whatever it is you happen to end up doing. XO