The Red Shoes

This past Saturday marked the 9th anniversary of the passing of my older sister, Michelle. Sometimes it feels like a lifetime ago and other times I feel like I just saw her yesterday. You do not get over the loss of someone that close to you, you learn to cope and continue living with a hole in your heart. It is something you can only hope to survive. Michelle left behind a son, my nephew Nicky. He is a light in my life and a constant reminder of Michelle. He is our gift from her. Michelle loved black shoes. She had millions of them. And Nicky wore a famously adorable pair of tiny red sneakers that his mom had picked out for him. Soon after Michelle's death my mom and I did a photo shoot of all of the shoes; Michelle's black ones and Nicky's red ones. We set them up in different formations and I took pictures of them. I remember crying as we did it because it was therapuetic in some way.

Recently I scanned the photos in and added a little color. I've decided to share them with you, friends. Not sure why, maybe because I just miss her so darn much.