Blogger Crush: Jamie of From Me To You

Oh, friends. I have a good crush for you today. I mean a really good one. Of course all of my blogger crushes are good, but every once and a while I stumble upon a blogger who just speaks to me. Like directly to my heart. Meet Jamie of the amazing blog From Me To You. I recently stumbled onto this visual feast for my eyes and the minute I saw the lovely blog design and all of the beautiful photos I was instantly hooked. You see, Jamie is an insanely talented photographer so it is super easy to get lost among the tons of beautiful photos she shares on her blog. Remember I featured some of the free iPhone wallpapers she creates from her masterpieces? She takes exquisite pictures of all of her subjects, but the NYC snapshots have a special in my heart. We also happen to have a few things in common; like me Jamie appreciates all things vintage and southern and she loves good food (check out the dinner and a movie section of her blog). And on top of all of that she's just super cool. You'll see what I mean once you read her answers and get to know her a little better. Oh and guess what else? She lives in my neighborhood! An Upper West Side girl just like me?! You better watch out Jamie, I may move on from cyber stalking you and just actually stalk you. Just kidding. Sorta. Thanks for stopping by Jamie! Come back anytime.


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