Blogger Crush: Giao from Kiss My Spatula


I have always had a soft spot for food blogs (I think this is largely due to my love of food). And I have an especially soft spot for really beautiful food blogs. Kiss My Spatula is one such blog, a fave of mine for sure. Giao is the uber-talented photographer/cook behind Kiss My Spatula and she is simply the coolest. Her photography is stunning and mouth-watering, it is by far some of the best I have ever seen. And she's obviously got some legit cooking chops because she features some pretty ridiculous recipes (homemade goat cheese, cherry garcia ice cream and peanut butter? YES, please). For each recipe, Giao also provides a music recommendation  because, "music pairings are as important as fresh ingredients & good company." How ridiculously awesome (and true!) is that? And, she's also a total sweet pea. I wish I could sneak into her kitchen, listen to her iPod, chat her up and be the official taster of all of her masterful and delectable creations. What do you say, Giao? Sounds like a plan, right? And until then, thanks for stopping by.