Are you an Upper West Sider?


One of the best things about starting this blog is meeting some of the amazingly cool and talented bloggers out there. Many of them live far away and are just email pals (like sweetheart Erin for example) and some of them live closer and I've actually met and hung out with in real life (such as my beloved Deb). But, the coolest thing has finding fellow Upper West Siders like Katie (who I recently met out for wine and snacks blind date style!) and yesterday's Blogger Crush Jamie. So the discovery of these two new UWS pals got me thinking, are there anymore of you out there? Hello, Upper West Siders! Please say hello. We're cooking up something really fun just for us.

{photo via From Me To You}

UPDATE: Jamie re-posted this and we're finding lots of UWS bloggers and even one UES blogger (MAYBE we'll include you!) Here's the growing list, keep 'em coming! Kate Murphy PhotographyWTF Pantone? / Drunk Brunch / Rebecca / Sparkling Pants / My Upper West / Neighborhoodr! / That Girl Allison / If not now, when? / paperbackgirl / xoxo, Adrienne / My foray into the world of Tumblr / Abbey Goes Design Scouting / Kriheli / The New Old Biddy / Katie Jane Parker Photography / Sleepless Seed / Chiu on This / Glark / A Chicken In Every Granny Cart / / Gotham Girl Chronicles / voust / Westside Independent /