A Tiny Boat of Deliciousness


Big news, lovelies. I've found not only the most delicious appetizer ever but also the easiest to prepare. What could be better?! I made these for the holiday potluck we had at my mom's house in Decatur and they were such a hit I made them again for Christmas Eve at my dad's and then yet again for Christmas dinner back at my mom's. They are so my go-to appetizer now. And perhaps they should be yours also.

Blue Cheese Endive Boats
This recipe can easily be doubled or tripled and if you have leftover cheese mixture you can make some more with leftover endive, lettuce pieces, celery or crackers. And you're going to want it so I'd go ahead and double the cheese mixture and buy some extra endive. Plus, unless you have some pecans lying around you'll have to buy a big bag of those and I'd use some extra butter and spices and prepare all of the pecans as well. They are delicious in this appetizer and if you have extra they'd be good on a salad or just for snacking.

8 or so heads of belgian endive
1 block cream cheese
1 tub blue cheese crumbles
2 cups pecans, chopped
1/4 cup butter
1/2 cup sugar
1 teaspoon chili powder
honey for drizzling

-Let the cheese sit out so they can get to room temperature. Then blend them together until smooth.

-Prepare pecans. Mix together sugar and chili powder. In a skillet on medium heat mix the nuts, butter and sugar/chili powder mixture until butter is melted and nuts are toasted and coated with the glaze. Cool the nuts on wax paper.

-Slice endive down the middle of each head and separate leaves to get little boats. Fill each boat with some of the cheese mixture and top with a sprinkle of the spiced pecans. Before serving drizzle honey over each boat.

You (and everyone you know) will absolutely adore these, friends! {recipe found here}