Give Me the Finger (Foods)


Hurray for holiday parties and delicious appetizers and finger foods. Is there anything more fun? I'll be helping to host a holiday party next week in Georgia with my mom and sis. I like easy and stress-free. Stuff you can make and forget about. Mark Bittman strikes again. I turned to my fave culinary genius for some ideas; have you seen his amazing simple appetizers collection? Here's some highlights.

23 Cut chorizo into chunks. Cook in a lightly oiled skillet until nicely browned. Kielbasa is equally good (or better), if not as hip. 24 Portable Caprese: Skewer a small ball of mozzarella, a grape tomato and a bit of basil leaf. Sprinkle with salt and pepper, and drizzle with oil.

30 Rumaki, a 1960s cocktail food that deserves reviving: Brush canned water chestnuts (or chicken liver halves, or crimini mushrooms, or pieces of portobello) with a little soy sauce; wrap in pieces of bacon. Skewer closed with toothpicks and broil, turning once, until bacon is done.

38 Marinated mushrooms: Cut button mushrooms into chunks and toss with lemon juice, olive oil, salt and pepper. Let rest five minutes. Spear two chunks with a piece of Parmesan about the same size.

67 Little pizza bianca: Cut prepared dough into small pieces and press out. Brush with oil, sprinkle with rosemary and good coarse salt. Bake at about 500 degrees until browned. Cut up to serve.

71 Fill endive leaves with crème fraîche or sour cream and caviar or salmon roe. Or use drained ricotta mixed with chopped parsley, thyme, a little olive oil and a little minced garlic.

I may be incorporating some of these into my plan. What about you lovelies, do you have any fave holiday party app recipes? I'd love to hear them!