Care Packages Full of Love!


This October marked the one year anniversary of this here blog. I marked the occasion by doing a giveaway for 2 lucky readers. The winners were Giao and Giselle. I also owed Nicole a special something because she had been super patient about a giveaway mixup this summer. So I set out to put together 3 special care packages for these 3 special gals. I was a little late (shocker) but I did finally get the packages sent and I believe they arrived to the lovely recipients by now. In lieu of actually sending a package to everyone who visits me here I figured I'd share the packages o' goodies with you. Here's what the lucky ladies got.

-1 tub of Rosebud Salve, which is a version of one of my examples of Simple Happiness.

-1 homemade package of start-shaped confetti in coral, sky blue and craft paper brown.

-1 homemade package of lil' bits of pink (a few wee pink buttons and treasures that I put together from my collection)

-1 Old Sweet Song Wee Garland. A precious, small mini version of this garland I made. It's tiny and adorable and perfect for brightening up a little space.

-1 bar of my favorite chocolate in the whole world; Green and Black's Organic Cherry and Dark Chocolate. Another one of my examples of Simple Happiness wrapped up in craft paper and baker's twine.