Weekend Tidbits


What a great weekend I had. So nice to be home with nothing to do. Friday we had a date night and tried a lovely little neighborhood wine bar. We'll def be back. We decided to forgo the typical Halloween celebrations and stay in to prepare the perfect fall dinner; grilled steaks, over roasted brussel sprouts and lots of good red wine. Better than fighting the crowds of drunken slutty cats and naughty nurses any day. Plus we sort of had to stay home to root for the Yankees from the comfort of our couch. Sunday brought a little bit of crafting while listening to some fantastic tunes from the best show ever - Glee (see below). I caught a showing of Where the Wild Things Are (which was amazing!) and late Sunday afternoon we took a nice, long stroll through Central Park to see how fall is coming along (nicely, btw). We kept walking and grabbed lattes at our fave NYC coffee place which we enjoyed on the quad at Columbia (so pretty). We wrapped up the weekend by settling in for more baseball and some homemade black bean, corn and sausage soup. Delish. Now, enough about me, what kind of fun did you lovelies get into?

Pals, are you listening to these great tunes as much as I am?! You should be. Somebody to Love (Glee Cast Version)

No Air (Glee Cast Version)

Don't Stop Believin' (Glee Cast Version)

Also, great news for Giselle and Giao who are the winners of my special one year blog birthday giveaway. The both of you have fun and festive pressies headed your way. Thanks to everyone who entered and even more thanks for reading this here blog and all of my crazy ramblings. You guys are the best!