Extra Happy Weekend!

I am not at work today, friends. I also had a half day yesterday. We're moving offices which means I'll now be reporting to work in a new neighborhood on Monday. Which is fine by me, I'm not exactly a huge fan of Midtown East which is where our office currently is. I'll now be commuting to 5th Avenue and 23rd Street in the heart of the Flatiron district (bonus! it's right by lots of great shopping). Not too much planned for the weekend around here. On the heels of the Bon Jovi concert, we're going to see a very different performer Saturday night: a one Ani DiFranco. She's pretty amazing, folks. Just saying. Other than that I'll just be chillaxing around the homestead, prepping for my very special guests next week.

Don't know if any of you are Ani fans, but here's the song that first got me hooked. Maybe it will do the same for you. And lastly, enjoy the weekend! I hope it's magical in some way, shape or form. Hugs.