Well, you have a sweet bike


Darlings, how was your weekend? Mine was pretty chillaxed. I saw this movie, which was pretty good. But I'll be honest, I was having a really intense popcorn craving so I probably would have sat through just about anything to get some of that salty buttery goodness down my gullet. I'm kind of in love with popcorn. Sunday was a lovely day and Anthony and I rented bikes and headed west to Riverside Park. I snapped a quick pic when we stopped for our little picnic lunch (that's the Hudson through the trees). Oh what fun to ride a bike! It's true, you never forget how. This was my first NYC bike riding experience and it was also a little test to see if I really want to invest in owning a bike. I think I'm going to do it, so stay tuned... What made you smile this weekend, friends?