Oh the places you will eat!

Eating and trying new restaurants has always been a favorite pastime of mine, but is there a better town to eat you way through than New York City? I assure you there's not. When I first moved to NYC (over five years ago - say whaaaaaaat?) I was very, very, very poor. Going out to a delicious dinner or brunch was an exhilarating treat. I've always been a person who loved collecting things, little mementos from places I've been or thing I've seen. And sometime early in my life here I decided to start collecting business cards from every restaurant I tried. I grabbed a Where The Wild Things Are journal my mom had given that I had yet to find a use for me and I wrote "Places to Eat" in black sharpie across the front. In hindsight I kind of wish I had selected a prettier, simpler book in which to house my card collection, I had no idea I would keep it for so long. This book is like a time capsule of my life here and it reminds me of all the wonderful (and not so wonderful) meals and times I have had: Lots of brunches. Date nights with my friend dear Jessica when we were both single and sure we would never meet someone (should we just be a platonic lesbian couple?). Having the time of my life living on West 11th Street with my best roommate ever (my sis), the only person who loves food as much as I do. Various birthday parties, both mine and other peoples. All of my favorite neighborhood eateries that I frequented in all of the different little pieces of the city I inhabited. Visits from my parents a.k.a. excuses to try expensive places. My first date with Anthony. And my second. And my third. And every other anniversary, birthday or special occasion we have ever celebrated together.

I love the fact that I have this book. Here's a little peak for you, friends. I thought you might appreciate it also.