Blogger Crush: Danni of Oh, Hello Friend


I am pleased as punch to present today's Blogger Crush. Danni of Oh, hello friend is kind of ridiculously marvelous. She pens an awesome blog that is bursting at the seems with so much prettiness and inspiration it almost hurts. She has amazing taste and shares beautiful shops, striking images and tons of other crafty goodness on her blog. She also hosts amazing weekly giveaways. And just take a look at her blog header to get an idea of how talented she is. She has such an aesthetic that is darn right lovely and I just can't get enough of it! In addition to her must read blog, she also designs a gorgeous line of jewelry, hair accessories and other bits of fun. Everything in her shop is sweet and feminine and full of charm. And her packaging is to die for. For reals. (If anyone ever wants to buy my a present, her shop would be a great place to look). She recently offered up some of her masterpieces right here on Old Sweet Song for a Present Time giveaway. So in addition to all that talent and crafting skill, she is also a 100% sweetheart. It almost doesn't seem fair. Thanks again for everything, Danni! Come back anytime.