Blogger Crush: Melisa of The Lil Bee


Well, I have one heck of a Blogger Crush for you today, friends. I am sure most of you know the hilarious Melisa behind the superstar blog The Lil Bee. If you don't then head over there right now! The Lil Bee is a lovely blog that's a little bit of everything and it is a joy to read because Melisa is a wonderfully hilarious writer. I am crushing on her big time. She's also behind the super cool blog Feather, where she breaks down the daily weather forecast and translates it into perfectly put together outfits. Get it? Fashion + weather = feather. So yeah she's a fashionable, hilarious genius AND to boot, she's a total sweetie pie. It's almost not fair except she is awesome so I'll allow it. So do yourself a favor and go check out The Lil Bee and Feather. And thanks to the fabulous Melisa for stopping by!