Back to life...

Last week was hard, no matter what funerals are always sad and exhausting. The silver lining was I got to see so many people I love; my fam, old friends, cousins I never get to play with, etc.. A bittersweet farewell to two amazing people. I'm slowly easing back into the swing of things. For now here are some tid-bits for you: Don't forget to enter the fabulous Julie Garland Jewelry giveaway here. It's a good one and you only have until tomorrow to try your luck.

Check out my favorite magazines over at the Layers of Meaning Through Her Eyes series

This photo collection made me smile (via reading my tea leaves)

Remember these? Well, I am happy to announce that all of your Positive Pickle Thoughts really worked. My second homemade pickle attempt using the Martha Stewart Fast Homemade Pickles recipe was a success. A little sweet, a little salty, and a good base recipe for making some crazy variations (I definitely want to attempt a spicy version). Come on, don't you want to make your own pickles?

And lastly, what I made for dinner last night; local tomatoes and basil from the green market + cheese + homemade dough. Not to toot my horn, but has there ever been a more beautiful pizza? (toot!)