The Highline


Anthony and I are big cocktail fans, I wouldn't call us lushes (okay, maybe I would) we're just two folks who enjoy a cocktail or seven. Beer has it's place, as does wine, but we like our cocktails a little more involved. Sangria is our favorite, but we also make some pretty festive mojitos often with various fresh berries. And another one of our signature faves is The Highline. We first tried this delectable cocktail at Craftsteak (one of Tom Colichio's eateries) and fell in love. It's a Prosecco based cocktail with lavender in it so it's a lovely, fizzy treat on a warm night. We worked diligently to replicate it and here it is for you to enjoy. Add it to your rotation of summer-y libations, you won't be sorry. I also like the name of it, The Highline, it sounds like a glamorous throwback drink ala a Manhattan or a Tom Collins. And the lavendar syrup is so pretty and will make your kitchen smell fantastic which is an added bonus.

There are only 4 ingredients so you kind of have to mess around and see which balance you like the best. Here's what you need;

10 Cane Rum
Fresh lemons
Lavender simple syrup 
(Super easy to make! 1 cup sugar, 1 cup water, 3 tablespoons dried lavender simmered together until sugar dissolved then chilled in the fridge for awhile)

We put about a teaspoon or two of the lavender syrup in the bottom of the glass, then about a half a shot of the rum, a lemon wedge's worth of lemon juice and fill the rest of the flute with Prosecco. Enjoy, sitting outside preferably.