My New Favorite Cocktail for Summer '09

And the winner is... A Michelada!

I had several while in Austin this past weekend and they are a tasty treat. I tried two different varietals. One was at the Hotel San Jose and it was so tasty and clearly made with a lot of tlc. It was a salt rimmed glass filled with ice, lime juice, soy sauce, worcestershire, tabasco, black pepper and topped with a Mexican beer - I like Modelo the best. It was basically a beer topped bloody mary but no tomato juice. Delicious! I did have another version of a Michelada with straight bloody mary mix (Zing Zang is the best bloody mary mix ever and I can't find it anywhere in Manhattan so I may just have to order a case of it online) and a beer, and it was just as delicious. I recommend trying both ways. I think I'll be making lots of these this summer. Yum.