Blogger Crush: Deb from Your Destiny is Stone Golden


Today is an extra special Blogger Crush. I love all my Blogger Crushes (obvi) but today's crush holds a special place in my heart because the object of my affection, Deb, is someone I know outside of the blogosphere. So it's moved past crush into full blown love. Deb is a lovely woman of many talents. She is a ridiculously talented jewelry maker and I just love her unique style (check out the online shop for her jewelry company bonbon oiseau). She is a patient and kind teacher, I know because I took a jewelry making class with her. She also writes a beautiful blog, Your Destiny is Stone Golden where she shares daily doses of inspiration. And as if that wasn't enough, she also just happens to be one bad ass chick. But don't take it from me, see for yourself. I'd marry her if she weren't already taken. Thanks again Deb!

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