I'm a monster! (of the cookie variety)

I am having a major cookie craving sweet tooth these days. I made a batch of homemade oatmeal cookies last week (I think I ate approximately 8 in one sitting) and today we went here where I proceeded to scarf a chocolate chip caramel and an oatmeal butterscotch. It's becoming a problem. But, whatever. What kind should I make next?

I am dying for these Brown Butter Brown Sugar Shorties, they look divine! Recipe from smitten kitchen.

I am a sucker for any and all things pumpkin and pumpkin related so these Pumpkin Pie Cookies via Sugarlaws might be a nice idea.

I didn't get any Girl Scout cookies this year and I am deeply depressed about it. Maybe these homemade Samoas might help curb my cravings. Recipe via Baking Bites.

I'm 100% pro-bacon in all situations. Although I am a little apprehensive of these bacon cookies, I'm also fairly certain they probably taste like little bits of heaven. After all, like my boyfriend says, "everything is better with bacon." So true, honey. Recipe from Slashfood.