Remember to laugh


Here's an example of a conversation I have with Anthony (my sweetie) quite frequently.

Ant: What was that thing we were laughing really hard about the other night?

Me: Oh yeah,..what was that?

(long pause where we both try to remember what it was)

Ant: Oh well.

Anthony and I do a lot of laughing, and I think it would be neat to document whatever silly song he's just written or whatever crazy thing I've just said. A few months ago I saw this on Simple Lovely and finally got around to creating one for us. Here's how it works; anytime something hilarious happens that you want to remember, you jot it down on a scrap of paper. Then, take an old jar or vase and set it aside somewhere to hold all the funny bits. So adorable! (I used an old vase, a piece of kraft paper and some baker's twine).

{post via Simple Lovely}