Etsy Guift Guide: The Cook


Greetings from Atlanta! I hope all of your shopping is done. But just in case, feast your eyes on my third installment of my 2008 Etsy Gift Guides. This time around, I'm shopping for The Cook. Happy cookin'! All items found on Etsy, links below (clockwise from top left).

-I love vintage appliances! This handmade stamp featuring a cute retro toaster would be great for crafting your own recipe tags, stickers, labels, etc.

-This Pretty Little Hydrangea Leaf Plate would make a perfect spoon rest. As a compulsive stirrer I find mine comes in quite handy. It's one of those uber-helpful things you would never think to buy for yourself.

-Any cook needs a surface on which to place her/his fresh from the oven masterpieces. This trivet is made from Bud and Miller High Life bottle caps. It's a perfect place to put a big pippin' hot casserole dish full of macaroni and cheese.

-Hooray for modern and well designed recipe cards! I love this design for the edgier cook. And you can print them at home.

-These darling earrings are a super precious way to show your cooking pride or even just your love for eating.

-Most cooks need heaps and heaps of rags to have around the kitchen. These tea towels have a variety of birds block printed on them. And who doesn't love birds as a design accent?

-I am obsessed with retro aprons. Why are they so adorable? This hostess apron is made with two super cute contrasting fabrics.

-Ah the Kitchenaid mixer. I can't wait to get one of these someday when I get married. This set of six notecards is perfect for anyone who appreciates this beloved appliance.