Etsy Gift Guide: The Meat Lover


With a few exceptions, I am trying to make most of my holiday gifts this year. I think handmade is the way to go. A handmade gift is so much more authentic and precious then say a Gap scarf that 10,000 other people will have. So, even if you don't make your own gifts, you can still give a handmade treat to everyone on your list. Etsy has an unbelievable amount of talented people selling amazing things so without further ado, I present my first ever Gift Guide, stay tuned for more this holiday season.

All these awesome gifts are available on, links below (clockwise from top left).

Who doesn't love a dancing hot dog?

A plush pork chop to cuddle up with.

Even the weensiest of carnivores are passionate about meat, this onesie proves it.

Nothing says "I love you" like "I love you" written in bacon on a card.

Cute and retro cheeseburger apron.

A t-shirt that fulfills all your meaty needs.

I love old clip art! Like the meat grinder on these ties.

Kitschy wallet featuring "thrifty cuts" of meat.